Gardening Month

Early childhood is the ideal time to establish healthy eating habits. Extreme Aventura will be partnering up with the Farm to Preschool Program to bring these healthy eating habits and education to our students.
Farm to Preschool works to connect early child care and education settings to local food producers with the objectives of serving locally-grown, healthy foods to young children, providing related nutrition education, and improving child nutrition.
We will be setting up our garden at our preschool. Each day we will have hands-on garden based activities and nutrition education that introduce gardening to preschoolers. Toddlers will also be participating in this lesson at their level. Contact Extreme Aventura with any questions.


Science Fun

Closed July 3rd and 4th for 4th of July Vacation

First week: July 5rd – 7th

  • Solids dissolve in water
  • Coloring Carnations
  • Life Cycle of a Ladybug

July 10th – 14th: Just plain fun!

Sticky Ice - Turn a Piece of Ice into Glue using this simple experiment using salt and ice.
Fizzing Ice Cubes - Another science activity that your kids are sure to love. The colors and tactile sensory fun are an added bonus.  
Rainbow Bubble Snakes - Who wouldn’t want to try this? I have seen this over and over and I just can’t wait to try it.
Pop Rocks - Try to blow up balloons with this classic candy. There is some fascination with seeing the explosive chemical reaction that kids just love!
Condensation - We will be creating the condensation effect and learn about water and vapors.

July 17th – 21st: Weather Science Activities

Learning about weather, weather changes, clouds, storms, and rainbows.

July 24th – 28th: Study Rocks

Summer is a time for collections and bringing the outdoors inside. We will collect rocks and learn more about their hardness and their names through this science activity.

July 31st: Water Science

Learn about condensation at the pool with this simple science activity. This would be great for those minutes that seem to never end when kids are waiting to get back in the water after lunch.


Camp Month

Activities that involve camping & water fun

1st week -

Side Walk Chalk drawings

2nd week -

Field Day potatoes sack races, Use Pool Noodles for backyard games and much more

3rd week -

Camp crafts fun art ideas that are great to do while camping

4th week -

Stick crafts making different projects with sticks

5th week -

Nature Walks visiting parks and collecting items we see

Additional Notes

During the summer months, we will have extra field trips to the movies, parks, pool and library for an additional charge.

We will be offering swimming lessons and will be starting a soccer team. More information when available.