Summer Programs

July is a month full of Life Science Fun! (Morning Activities)

Insects Life Cycles and the importance.
1st Week Butterfly- Comparing Leaves
2nd Week Ladybug- Ways Animals Move
3rd Week Grasshoppers- Animals Need to Eat
4th Week Fly & Mosquito- Flowers & Plants
* Field Trip to the Zoo first group on July 30th and second group on July 31st

August is Physical Science and Camping Fun! (Morning Activities)

Activities that involve observing and exploring.
July 30th to August 3rd- 1st Week- Chalk Drawings, Water, Movement & Sound Activities.
August 6th to 10th- 2nd Week- Closed.
August 13th to 17th- 3rd Week- Field Day, Potatoes Sack Races, Back Yard Games and Much More...
August 20th to 24th- 4th Week- Nature Walks Collecting Items, Stick Crafts and Making Projects.
August 27th to 31st- 5th Week- Camping Fun.
*Field Trip to the Discovery Center first group dates are pending.

Movie Field Trips!

July and August Preschooler Movie Field Trip on one Tuesday/ Toddlers 2 & 3 years old on a Friday. One Field Trip a Month to the Movies. We Need Volunteers.
10am matinee movies at the Country Club
(Parents will get notifications of movie choices a week before) Fee is paid by Yard Sale money raised.
July Schedule is Preschool July 17th Toddlers July 20th/ Leave at 9:30, movie time starts at 10am.
Movie Choices are Sgt Stubby: An American Hero or Show Dogs

Ballet and Gymnastics!

Ballet and Tap Dance Connection- Thursday at 9am sharp. Need to be signed up to participate.
Sign up here:
Check them out on Facebook: here for Dance Connection's Newsletter!

Gymnastics Hand Stands- Friday at 11am. Need to be signed up to participate.
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Nutrition Works Newsletter!

Click below for the September edition of the Nutrition Works Newsletter!

What’s Inside:
•New Meal Pattern: Transition Year ends 9/30/18
•Breaking Down Feeding Responsibilities of Adult & Child
• Recipe: Sunny Lemon-Raspberry Muffins (whole grain-rich!)
• Physical Activity: ABCs Stretch with Me
• Resource: ABC fruit/veggie flashcards (free printable)

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