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Are you an adult learner who wants to improve your skill at communicating in Spanish? Extreme Aventura LLC isn’t just for kids! We offer an engaging curriculum taught by native Spanish speakers. You’ll expand your intellectual and professional abilities as you become more comfortable communicating in a new language. Why not expand your horizons?

Become a more versatile communicator

Become a more versatile communicator

Boise, Idaho's Extreme Aventura caters to adult learners at every level of Spanish proficiency. By hosting interactive workshops, songs, games and debates, our instructors are devoted to helping you develop your skills in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Each Spanish class runs for approximately 90 minutes. Additionally, we offer our students regular opportunities to experience cultural activities and practice their new language among friends.

Are you ready to learn? Call 208-805-5144 to find out more about our prices, policies and schedule.