Curriculums For All Ages

2020 Fall Theme “Community Safety and Us”

What they do? Where they are? When are they needed? Why they are important? How they dress and why?

Working on coming to visit us Dates we want them to come
Policeman or woman, Police car September 30
Fire Fighters, Fire trucks October 28
Paramedics Ambulance November 18
Doctors, Dentist, Eye Doctor December 2

(this year due to COVID-19 we will not have as many guessed as we would like.)

Final Project – Parents help Due Dec. 9th

  • Poster board
  • Make 4 sections and draw pictures of what 4 professionals they liked.
  • We will take a picture of them with each one so they can add to their project.
  • Make it fun and creative with your child.
  • Will present to school on December 15th Teacher will record video on bright wheel.
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