• Native Speakers
  • Experienced and friendly
  • Receiving ongoing training
  • Familiar with the challenges of learning a second language
  • Responsive to individual learning styles
  • Yearly background checked
  • Boise Child Care licensed 
  • ICCP approved 

Teachers' profiles:

Elida Palacios  Mexican-American Idaho Native

Elida Palacios Mexican-American Idaho Native

Elida Palacios Owner and instructor at Extreme Aventura. Born and raised in Idaho, originally from American Falls. Parents moved to Idaho from Guanajuato, Mexico. Family was Mexican decedent from Mexico and Spain.
Favorite color is Orange. Favorite food is Italian. Hobby is learning and helping others.
Graduated from Boise State University. Worked and volunteered in the public schools 6 years.
Taught English as a second language in the public school.
Started a Spanish preschool for an international school. Opened Extreme Aventura school on June 1st, 2016.

Nathalie Martínez Poyer

Nathalie Martínez Poyer

Nathy is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She is with the Oro Infants ages 4 months to 18 months. She is team working with Rayitos Teacher. Prior to her professional career in Systems Engineering, she worked in a preschool setting in Caracas. Her main focus in the infant program she will be incorporating are Spanish lullabies, Spanish language, movement that will help develop your child's motor skills. She will be setting up a month by month milestone and share the progress with parents. Infants reach these indicators in the way they interact with others, play, speak, behave, and move. She will incorporate her knowledge and keep up on training that is required at Extreme Aventura. She has an open door policy for parents.