Pricing $10.00 per week/class, most months work out to 4 classes/weeks ($40.00). On occasion a month will have 5 classes/weeks ($50.00) which is why tuition may fluctuate. We also do not charge for holidays and give credit back if class is ever canceled. You can also receive a credit if your child misses a class as long as we have prior notice. You can call or text (208) 996-3924 to let us know that your child will miss class and a credit will be added to your account. I hope this answers any questions regarding tuition this month.

The Dance Connection

We bring the Dance Studio to your Child!

The Dance Connection is a leader in on-site dance instruction, sharing the love of dance with children for over 30 years in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. We specialize in the dance education of the young child and offer convenience by bringing dance lessons to Extreme Aventura Thursdays at 9:30 am

Ballet and Tap Dance Connection - Thursday at 9:30am
Need to be signed up to participate.

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Handstands is a Mobile Gymnastics Company that comes to Extreme Aventura!

Our gymnastics teacher is Erica.

We teach children to use their muscles while having fun on a variety of gymnastics equipment. Ages 2 to 12 learn how to roll, jump and flip in a fun 45 min class. We encourage strength and flexibility through positive fun techniques. Classes are held weekly, and sessions run monthly.

Gymnastics Hand Stands - Wednesday at 11:30am
Need to be signed up to participate. Sign up any time. First class free!

Gymnastics Hand Stands - Friday at 11am
Need to be signed up to participate. Sign up any time. First class free!

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