Spanish Program for Adults

Anita Lucia Waggoner
Spanish Instructor/Teacher

This program is designed for adult learning the Spanish language.
For Beginners and students who same knowledge of the Spanish or "Castellano" language.

This program is divided into 12 weeks.
Based on the book

Students need to buy this book.

Week 1

• Video: Why study Spanish.
• Introduction to greetings.
• Activities include greetings, objects around the class, calendar, date, and expressions
of the weather.

Week 2

• The Alphabet / Abecedario.
• Pronunciation and sounds.
• Syllables combined with vowels to pronounce names in general.

Week 3

• Key Question Words.
•Who Why?,
• When ?, How ?, and What?
• Conversation and practice. games.

Week 4

• The Family
• Who are the family members.
• Make simple sentences using the 7 key questions.

Week 5

•Rooms of the house.
• Ask sentences and questions related to home and family.
• Exercises in groups and pairs.

Week 6

• The numbers from 1 to 20.
• Money and use of numbers with money.
• Pronouns and their use.

Week 7

• Use of already known vocabulary to describe colors.
• Animals and characteristics.

Week 9


•The restaurant.
• Use the vocabulary to order in a restaurant.
• Personal presentations on a favorite recipe.

Week 10

• The Shopping
• Use the vocabulary for shopping and selling short dialogues.
• Conversations.

Week 11

•Fashion show
• Conversions.

Week 12

Salir a un restaurante para practicar lo que saben.